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    August 22, 2006



    Wow! What a room. Love it.


    her room is adorable!
    got your message and wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. i dont know how often i'll be updating it. i found out that i'm google-able and frankly, that freaks me out! there are definitely some people i don't want reading my private thoughts. but, maybe i'll get over it and update again. right now i'm in the process of setting up my very first classroom! so exciting! and so exhausting! hope things are going well with you :)
    when are you going to have a class? i want to head over and hang out!

    Heather M.

    Love, love, LOVE that she has a chandelier! I want one!


    I love the chandelier! Looks like a princess room.
    I always feel like spring cleaning in autumn...more than in spring when I would rather be in my garden.
    I have lots to do, and want to get some painting done as well.
    Hope you have a nice weekend Gillian!


    Love the chandelier too! Your crayon comment made me laugh -- I think my sister and I were constantly upsetting my mom's best decorating efforts in our rooms too. What a wonderful, welcoming space.

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