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    September 03, 2006



    Ever since I saw your blog... you've made me want to have a girl. I always have fully enjoyed my boys, but still want one more... but I was kind of hoping it would be a boy... but now... i want a girl just so i can make all this stuff.
    I've never seen such a cute girly-girl and such an amazing talented mom!
    Thanks for sharing!


    can I just send you a pair of sneakers and let you foof them up for me!? :)

    Rhiannon Ellis

    A friend posted a link to this on Facebook. I hadn't seen your blog before, but I'll definitely come back! I'm going to try these shoes! My daughter has wide feet and never fits into pretty, girly shoes. If I don't mess these up, she might finally get a pair like she sees on tv :) Thanks for sharing!

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