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    July 23, 2007



    Hi Gillian,
    Welcome back!
    I love candles, but I usually tend towards beeswax and make my own. I used to make them in molds, but lately tend to just roll them out of the honeycombed looking sheets.
    The wax smells wonderful while you are working with it.
    Perfumed candles make Mr. Staggs sneeze, but he doesn't have a problem with these.
    Take care.

    Holly Child

    I LOVE SCC!!! I used to be a seller of them too, the first time I lived here in Parker! I haven't gotten back into it, but I really should! LOL!! I sometimes like Yankee, but they don't smell as strong as others! Right now though I have Kitchen Spices burning from Yankee!! I just got through burning Granny Smith Apple from Yankee as well!! I love candles too...


    ahhhh! a post about one of my obsessions!!!

    My favorites are Gold Canyon! :) One that smells divine is the Amaretto Creme. It comes in a little coffee cup - smells so good. My other favorite of theirs is Cinnamon Vanilla. That is constantly burning in my house in the fall and winter. perfect scent. A good summer one is juicy peach.


    I LOVE candles too! And I really like to burn ones about like you do - fruity ones in the summer (although I do love fruity ones all year round if needed...) Wassil at Christmas time, pumpkin spice and apple in the fall - yum!

    My favorite brands are Salt City and Willow Creek. Our local craft store (Roberts Crafts) has a "scent of the month" we get most months, as well as other tasty ones through the year. My little boy loves smelling candles too - and if he seems them I have to open them for him to sniff - it's pretty cute.

    And this summer he picked out a Salt City one called "Homemade Rootbeer". I have to say I enjoy it - in moderation. It's strong and if it goes for too long I get sick to my stomach - but that could be becuase I'm pregnant and have nothing to do with the candle :)


    well right now i have been burning like a mad woman in the brand new house!

    and believe it or not, method (ya know the household cleaners that you can buy at target) launched some candles and i have been burning "fresh cut grass".

    oh it smells oh *so* good!

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