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    January 09, 2008



    Super cute layouts!! I love the burpee too!


    Love this lo too! The felt really does add a whole nother dimension. So cute!



    Cute layouts - I always love a good "Gillian Original!" And I have to say I have no idea how you do it all - especially being pregnant. I'm not pregnant and I think I accomplish about 1/2 of what you do in a day...You rock!

    Kasandra Barton

    Beautiful layout!! I love it.


    Love the layout. I LOVE that you are watching American Gladiators. Somehow now I don't feel as guilty for being hooked :) I've gotta check out Celeb Rehab too...

    Heather M.

    I, too, am a reality TV junkie! I like all the trashy ones also! Funny...

    Kathleen Peterson

    Gillian--I am so happy about your baby boy that's on the way! Congrats! Take care of yourself. If I get ambitious enough, I want to make something for you! Hope all is well. Love--Kathleen

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