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    January 11, 2008


    wendy sue

    I'll help you bring it back -- I still love it...the look of it AND the process of creating paper-piecings. This is a super cute page! :o)

    Holly Child

    Are you kidding me?! That's freakin' cute!!! :o) I always loved your PP back in the day! I'm sure I have quite a few of them! ;o)


    Count me in as a pp fool. I stopped scrapbooking in protest when paper piecings were no longer so en vouge...I love them (even though I don't scrapbook, LOL). The layout is perfect. I think you should try another one ;0)


    I too love PP! And just to let you know - they ARE making a comeback!! :-D


    I think that pp is just what the lo needed! Such a cute picture too!



    Awesome... as always!

    I love when the pictures pop up too!

    Holly Child

    More darling layouts! Love the 4th of July one! I just finished one myself last night! :o)

    Mary Ann/ca

    So I looked and looked trying to figure out what Paper piecing is ....I'm a quilter not a scrapbooker and in quilting its a technique for doing very intricate designs using paper as a stabilizer. Finally decided it had to be the way you cut and fashioned the palm tree fronds? I love all the pages, what wonderful memories to capture!

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