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    September 09, 2008


    Heather M.

    They look yummy to me! How's Scarlet doing with all of those boys? She looks so grown up!

    Holly Child

    Oh my gosh, how fun! My kids would love those things filled with that caramel dip! ;o) LOL...does Patrick not enjoy the after school snacks anymore? ;o)

    Tressa Meacham

    What a cute idea...I wonder if there's a fun Halloween cookbook out there? This recipe would fit right in! I'm with you about the Barnes and Noble holiday displays. I used to get a "high" simply from switching my first grade classroom over for different months/ crafts to hang from the ceiling, new themed library books, new calendar numbers (shaped according to the month's holiday), fun lessons and/or class parties to plan! I totally get it, Gillian! ;)

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