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    May 14, 2009



    where can I find a Dan for me? :0)

    Pink Sugar is one of my very favorite perfumes too. Who doesn't love to smell like a cupcake?

    Happy Mother's day!!!


    Are you kidding me? Can your ward call my ward?! I got a potted plant.


    I had a couple moments like that too...."its my day". The sad part is that this was my first Mother's Day.

    Jennifer McIntyre

    Happy Mother's Day!
    I think about you all the time and it's great seeing pix of EVERYBODY!
    Hope everything is swell!

    Holly Child

    What a great Mother's Day. Funny....I've been known to throw tantrums on that day too! I can't believe your ward had a luncheon. The most we get is the chance to go to R.S. while the men cover the necessary classes! I'd really just like a day off of church on Mother's Day, if truth be told!

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