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    March 05, 2006



    Isnt she a peach?

    I bet you have the best ribbon collection in the world both for her hair and you stash - so jealous xx


    she's a darling! hope you thoroughly enjoyed all the golden hoopla yesterday! :D

    Gina L

    She is doll!

    Becky Thompson

    She is darling!


    super cute pictures! I hope you had fun watching the Oscars!


    How cute is she??? She ALWAYS has such big, pretty bows in her hair. I am impressed she keeps them in (my friends daughter pulls them out at pre-school)...

    Hope all is going well with you and love checking out your blog :) Take care...


    how cute!!!! I'm sure she's the envy of every girl at church. :)


    YOu are so darn talented and she is adorable!!!


    You are amazing and awe-inspiring!!!!! Thanks for sending me the address, I loved your pics, your kids look like sooo much fun!!!


    once again, you ARE the Domestic, Scrapbooking Goddess! you are too much!
    how do you have time for all this? Love, mar


    Hi Gillian, just visited your blog by finding yours when you left such a nice comment at my blog, thank you for visiting. I read alot of your entries but picked this one to comment could I not...What a doll your daughter is and the dress is the cutest. Enjoyed seeing all your scraping pages too, and other pics of your family too.
    Barnes and Nobles...oh yes I know that very feeling when you walk through the door, I get it too. I've bookmarked your blog and will be back for sure.

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