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    November 02, 2006



    very cute!


    Wow... so very awesome! One day when you have a few minutes to spare, I do hope you can tell us how to make all these things! I already did shoes like the ones you explained how to do for my neices. I love your stuff.


    ok...i think i would seriously wear that dress if it came in my size! i love it!


    you are so awesome! i swear, can't you move by me so you can teach me all your mad skills????

    Holly Child

    SERIOUSLY darling!! I need to employ you to make cute stuff for my girls! *wink, wink*

    Heather M.

    I, too, would like a Jack Skellington dress in my size! Can you imagine? I love it!


    I am so sorry that you have not been posting during December. I am sure that you are a delight with many many lovely things that you create. I do hope that you and your family are well. Christmas wishes to you and yours anyway. Barbara


    where are you?

    i hope that everything is okay and i'm with barbara. i'm sure you would have wow'ed us all.

    merry christmas to you and yours!

    Brandi Russell's BRANDI!!! I was so excited when I got your Christmas card and saw this web site listed on it!!! We are going to have to catch up soon....but I LOVE this site!!! I am going to have to start sewing.........SCARLET is simply adorable!! And I LOVE seeing all your sewing and crafts!!! I miss you girls so much!

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