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    January 03, 2007


    Carrie D

    Okay, if this is the only way I can get in touch with you so be it! I miss you sista! I hope you had a fun day at Disneyland! Was it still decorated? So pretty this time of year!

    Love you much!


    Oooo...I love Del Taco too! I love their Red Burritos and the crinkle fries! ;o)


    I cant remember WHERE we ate fish tacos when we were in Cali last year, but Kevin loves them. Now I cheat and make them with whole wheat tortillas and baked fish...semi healthy and he's getting his fish tacos! :)


    Oh how I wish we had a Del Taco here. Just good ole Taco Bell... They really do look yummy :)

    Heather M.

    We've lost you already? After such a brief return? :(

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