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    February 03, 2007


    Brandi Russell

    You are wise and your family, friends and church members reap the benefits of your wisdom. You keep on doing just what you're doing so that I can keep on copying all your ideas. : ) You inspire me and I love how full of love your life and home are!!
    PS I emailed you some pics.....did you see them?

    Tressa Meacham

    I admire your BLOG and you are an example to me of being productive and fun. I think I know how you get it all done - a strong desire to serve your family and friends and a GIFT of being REALLY creative. Keep doing what you're doing; you are my new "Martha Stuart" and one day if I have a girl, I am going to buy lots of ribbons. :) Tressa
    P.S. Let me know if you need help with any simple sewing for the Road Show!


    wow! that quote is amazing and has hit me like a ton of bricks. i must write it down!

    i feel the same way as you. even though i know i have asked before "where do YOU find the time?" i should know how it really goes b/c the same happens to me. people ask me the same question and my reply is usually "i make time". i think when you love doing the type of things that we do, we tend to make the time even when we really don't have any to spare.

    i certainly hope that you continue to do what you do b/c seriously, i am in awe of you and love the ideas that you come up with!

    big hugs!

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