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    May 15, 2007


    Holly Child

    hahahaha!! You SO make me laugh! :o)

    Natalie Allen

    OK! You are going to think I am cray, but I stumbled across your blog from I think Becky Higgins are amazing! I just spent 2 hours looking back and reading every single one of your blog entries. I want to be just like you "when I grow up". are amazing and I cant stop reading your stuff. SO TALENTED! I will be back, added you to my favs...thanx for sharing!


    I purchased some of these from WS a few weeks ago...what YUM!

    Heather M.

    I cam across these last weekend at William-Sonoma and thought I had died and gone to cupcake heaven as well! I am constantly on the quest for the perfect cupcake...and with out a Sprinkles store here in Heaven-Help-Us Utah, this will temporarily have to do!

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