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    June 07, 2007


    Natalie Allen

    way cute idea! i want those for my laundry room although i cant relate to loathing is my favortie chore to do.....i loathe bathrooms more than anything in this life!!!


    Cute idea Gillian! I don't have this problem yet (the stuff in pockets) but in a few years I might be using this idea. Laundry is evil. It grows way too fast.

    Melissa C

    Great idea for the oh so hated laundry room!! I just have a bowl that I throw all that stuff into.



    Very CUTE! Reading through your left sidebar, we have very similar "likes"! Love your blog!

    Heather M.

    Another great idea! And I am a card carrying member of the I-Loathe-Laundry club!


    What an awesome idea!!!


    such a cute idea, can I steal it?he-he I too despise laundry!!


    Ya know, I don't mind doing the laundry. But if I don't fold, hang up, and put it away right after it's clean - it doesn't happen. I put it off until we've worn everything in the baskets again and it's time to start over. HORRIBLE habit!

    I do however have the pocket problem with my not-quite-2 year old. He gets stuff in nursery at church and puts it in his pockets. Thanks for teaching him that trick beloved nursery leaders!


    Me too, but I'm hating it a little less since getting one of the new front loading machines a few months ago. I've been collecting a few things to help me spruce up my laundry room too. I like your idea for the lost and found jar!


    There is not much we can do to improve laundry--it is a stinky job! I just wish it didn't need doing so often!


    What a great idea! And it's dang cute! :)

    tracy whitney

    I get such a wicked kick out of finding a couple bucks in the laundry. Someone gave me a gift, which is a little bank that looks like on old-fashioned washing machine that reads "Finders Keepers." I love it.


    at least its cute ;)


    oh girl.
    you can't leave the jar of money laying around for someone else to take! thats your money. i have a rule in my house, if you leave money (and i don't care if its a penny) in your pocket and it gets washed and i find it, its now mine!!!

    great idea though for the lost goodies :)

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