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    July 23, 2007



    Oh what a FABULOUS mix of summer tunes!! And it's dang cute. :)

    Holly Child

    Totally rad!! Love it!!!


    you seriously amaze me! how's the summer going?


    SO copying that! And SO glad you're back. I look to you for inspiration!! Welcome back!


    sooooo glad you are this idea..where the heck do you come up with all this cuteness? you are so awesome!


    Where can I order one of those? Do you take debit cards? Seriously.

    Tressa Meacham

    Gillian, glad you're back! What a great idea! The funny thing is that last week, Jeremy mentioned (since we get a ton of visitors now that we live in SO Cal) that it would be funny to make a "California Hits" CD and play it on the way home from LAX whenever we pick up visitors. Can I buy one? I noticed you left out 2 Pac's "California Love"....probably on purpose! :) You are so CREATIVE!

    susie strong

    Hi Gillian! I was so excited to see new blog posts today. It's always so fun to see what you're up to. I love these CDs. They are so cute -- especially the card with the little sleeves to put them in. This would take me a week, at least. I don't know how you do it....


    Ok - you just kill me! I can't believe all the cute little gifts you are always making. I swear I have good intentions of doing fun things like this. But you know what they say about the road to hell.....

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