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    July 25, 2007


    Brandi Russell

    I cry over Scarlet's adorable pics!!!! How times flies!! And I am so putting on the prayer request sheet at church.......cute colored uniforms!!!!!!!!!! That is TOTALLY hilarious and totally YOU!!!!


    How fun for Scarlet to get to play what she's been watching her big brothers play for all these years! I can't wait to see pictures of the whole team in bows!

    Holly Child

    Oh I can't wait to see all the little heads with big bows!! How fun!! And yes, let's hope you don't get hideous colors! But something tells me, you still make them look cute! :o)


    I love your clean and uncluttered style, Gillian! These are some beautiful pages. I especially love the "In My Daughter's Eyes" one, that is just beautiful!


    I can't wait to see pictures of Scarlet's dolled up team :) My daughter is in the same boat with three older brothers. Lots of watching for her for now too!


    You are so funny! I love that you are going to make bows for the whole team! But how will we ever pick Scarlet out of the crowd in the pictures? ;) Also, I love your scrapbook pages!

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