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    August 22, 2007



    No one rocks half and half like you :) Sounds great!


    Can I be your neighbor? That French Toast sounds yummy! BTW, I bought the stuff today for your crockpot chocolate cake and told my kiddos I'll make it for their first day of school so we can come home, eat cake and talk about their day. Thanks for the recipe and big hugs for you in your rough time. I lost both parents in 2004 and life hasn't been the same since so I can empathize with you to a degree. I can tell you, though, your posts are inspiring to me, you do such fun things for your family and can move to my neighborhood anytime!


    So what do I have to do to be your friend?? Seriously, I'd pay to have a neighbor/friend like you. :)
    You're amazing.


    I bet you'll find a way to make it cute :)


    What a cute idea. This would be great for new moms too since breakfast is the most important meal of the day (I've done bagel baskets before but this would be sweet)!

    Holly Child

    I am definitely making that breakfast dish!! My dh loves french toast!!!


    yum! i think i might actually want to make this too!
    gillian...pretty much you need to be my new best friend. you are so darn sweet and thoughtful!!! you inspire me to be the if only i was as good with my time as you are... :)

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