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    August 10, 2007



    I feel your pain, though Scarlet has more shoes than my 3 girls put together! I have been amazed as I've been sorting through shoes (to give away what Madeline has grown out of and to find the next sizes she is ready to wear) just how many shoes we DO have. Various Church shoes, play shoes, sandals and fancy shoes for every size really adds up! Good luck with the shoe/movie show!


    Right there with you :0). Piper has more shoes than me, Brian and the boys put together and then some...there isn't any more room and yet, I can't resist...


    Ok. having 2 boys I do not have that shoe problem (but it looks like a good problem to have)! Love them all...


    LOL at Scarlet instead of Newman......gotta love newman!!!

    How did it go? Did you get the shoes tried on?

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