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    August 09, 2007



    when we were getting ready to put out house in Tyler on the market to move here, we rented one of these. HOLY MOLY! We filled that puppy up in 3 days!!!!!! And THEN, for the next two weeks, I put so much crap out to the curb that I felt guilty and went and bought our trash guys gift certificates to McDonalds! It's ridiculous how my crap two adults can accumulate in ten years of living together. The majority of our belongings are still in the garage, waiting to be unpacked because I am thoroughly enjoying having a very sparsely decorated house. Plus, it's sort of like going shopping for free when I go out in the garage and find stuff I havent seen in a year! ;) Anyway---all of that to say this----throw out as much crap as you possibly can! You will feel SO much better.

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