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    September 02, 2007


    Heather M.

    Okay...SO CUTE! If I had a student show up on the first day of school in such a fashionable and trendy outfit, I just know I would be fast friends with that kid's mother! ;)

    Heather M.

    Oh...and how in the world did you get that child's hair so curly? I must know...


    awe... she's a beauty!! I love her bows, hair, outfit and that smile!!
    Where do you shop? If you ever have an extra minute (haha), email me some of the websites you shop at for clothes, shoes, etc. Or if you know any cool baby shops, let me know!

    Holly Child

    What a beauty!!! I'm so glad to hear that she loved her first day of school!! Are you going to be her room mom??? I bet you'd fabo at that!!

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