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    January 04, 2008



    Congrats on the weight loss and take good care of yourself and little Keiran! You're over 1/2 way there so keep up the good work.


    Well done - I am so glad you are back to blogging in with all you have to do. Take care, and as you say it will soon be in the past and you will have a bundle of joy in your arms. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. Barbara

    Holly Child

    I'm praying for you too that it goes away after the baby comes!!

    Mary Ann/ca

    How sweet is he and I love his name too! My first local grandchild is due on April 5th. My daughter and her partner have opted not to know the sex so I'm making a pile of yellow and green and bright bibs and blankets and burp clothes. each stitch brings the baby closer...just like every day does for you to Gillian. Have a great one!


    I totally feel your pain girl. I found out at 28 weeks that I had gestational diabetes. I had to do 4 shots a day and so many finger sticks that I stopped counting!

    You are so right, it was worth every shot, every stick, everything!!

    Congratulations on the weightloss...that's fantastic!



    Oh my goodness! I guess losing weight would be good though :) at least for me! Probably not worth all that you are going through though!

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