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    February 24, 2008



    um hi supermodel! You look AMAZING! Glad you are back :0)

    Mary Ann/ca

    So glad to hear from you and to see you too! Enjoy the show and then pop in this week and share all the preparations for this sweet guys arrival!


    Thanks for your post. Good to see and hear from you. Barbara


    You look great! Hope you enjoyed the show.

    Tami Vik

    Glad to see you posting again! What a wonderful hubby you have! I need to know where you got your sheets and those curtains??? I just last week on my blog about my bedroom makeover. I want to use black and white vintage-ish patterns with dark red and light blue accents. Looks like your couch might be red? I'd love it if you could share a picture of your room! :)



    So glad you are back girlie! What a relief to know that all is still ok with you. You look amazing! And what a sweetie of a husband you have there...I'll admit, I'm a little jealous. I may have to send my husband a link to your blog and maybe he'll get the hint that this momma needs a little TLC like you got!

    SO glad you are back and all is well. Take it easy.


    Holly Child

    Yah, you're back! And I'm glad you've been concentrating on growing that baby! Hope all is well!! :o)

    And you have the BEST husband!! Hope you had a great Oscar night too!

    Heather M.

    I've missed you! And my goodness, you are beautiful!

    Beth're OK! You look great, and glad you've been working on growing that baby...that's what you should be doing! Although selfishly I've MISSED your posts!


    Good to hear from you! What a SWEET hubby you have, so did you enjoy the Oscars??


    what a great guy!!!! glad you're doing well. :)

    Mary Ann/ca

    So Gillian my daughter is/was pregnant with a due date very near you. Our sweet baby girl Annika was born March 25, all well and happily settling in to a new baby schedule...which is none! So I am hoping all is very well with you and that your little one has arrived safely as well.


    Where are you Gillian?? I've been thinking that your 9 months should be up by now. I hope you are just so smitten with the new Mr. that you forget to post.

    Sending wishes your way.


    Do so hope you are doing well. Missing pictures of your family growing up.


    I hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you all!

    Mary Ann/ca

    Hi Gillian, so hoping everything is well with your new arrival. I am thinking he has his 2 brothers and sweet big sister at his beck and call!

    Heather M.

    Are you ever coming back? I miss you...


    I miss you too! Hope all is OK!


    I miss reading this blog. How is the baby? How is the family? Please start blogging again!!!


    coughcoughupdateyourblogpleasecoughcough! ;)

    Holly Child

    Come back...please!!! It's the starting of the best season ever and I need your fun ideas! PLEASE!!! :o) Hope all is well!

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