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    September 25, 2008



    That was absolutely beautiful. Blog connecting can be an amazing thing. Always love reading about your lovely family.

    Holly Child

    Well, I'm happy that's she's back to blogging that's for sure! As much as it helped her, I'm positive it helped others too!! You're a good husband to her!! :o)


    Dan is awesome! Wow, I have actual tears. Well, Gillian, you know I love ya! I've read your blog for a long time. You are amazing!! I missed you so much when you were not blogging. I thought about you all the time!

    Tressa Meacham

    What a sweet post, Dan! I am excited about Gillian being back online too... she's one of my favorites! :)


    Well, you're a lovely boy, aren't you?

    lila stuteville

    this is wonderful. what a great team you make. i like that glow about her too. congrats on a beautiful life together.


    I missed me Gillian drought for sure but knew that things were a total adjustment with a newborn in the house! (Gillian....I had no idea about the two miscarriages....what an emotionally draining time for you! I am so sorry)! may just rank up there with like the best husband ever. Do you give educational classes on husbandry? I think I would like to sign my husband up for the random acts of kindness you do....he could use a refresher course! : )



    thanks so much for sharing!
    glad things are getting better for you!
    wishing nothing but good things for your family :)

    Mary Ann/Ca

    Thanks for such a lovely post. My newest granddaughter was due just about the time of Keiran's due date and I was so worried when Gillian stopped blogging. I was thrilled to see the lovely family photos and hear all is well.
    This connection online is so strong and I feel privileged to know you all. And I especially look forward o seeing everything Gillian is up too!


    oh!..>>Sob..> "Tito...get me a tissue..".

    Gillian, I'm so glad you all are back, girl! I kept your blog bookmarked, and every so often I'd check in. I knew you had the baby because I spied your mom at the mall (I always see her there! LOL)..and she was pushing a baby carriage. I wanted to run up to her and say.."oohh! I used to teach with Gillian at TM...can I see the baby?" but then I figured she'd think I was a crazy stalker or something so I refrained. Anyway, I thought I'd check in again today KNOWING what a Halloween nut you are, and viola! Motherlode! Hello! Dan, what a lovely thing you wrote about Gillian. Congratulations to you all!

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