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    September 11, 2008



    I have been praying for your return to blogging. That is not a line or an exaggeration. I truly have! You are an inspiration to me, you motivate me and you never cease to amaze me.

    But oh my, poor Scarlet. I hope she feels better soon.

    I'm off to catch up on my favorite blogger of ALL time. Prayers do get answered after all.

    Mary Ann/Ca

    Hope Sweet Miss Scarlett is soon feeling better. And I know she is missing being in school with her friends too.


    Poor Scarlet! Thanks for the puke-tip....we always had a bowl, but your tin pan sounds like a good idea's inevitable we'll need one!

    Hope she gets to feeling better AND that noone else gets it!



    Brilliant idea for dealing with vomit Gillian! I'm going to remember that for next time.

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