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    September 11, 2008



    OH MY GOSH...look at how stinkin' cute he is!! He is like a little man, not just a baby! I can't believe how old he looks sad how fast the time flies.


    Holly Child

    Look at that baby bubbas!! He is ADORABLE!! He's definitely a Greding....looks identical to the rest of your kiddos!! What a sweet, sweet boy! :o) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Heather M.

    I think he looks exactly like Scarlet! So, so cute!


    He looks a lot like Scarlet!

    and... ummmm.... hello!?!? He is SO CUTE!! What a good little baby to hang out for an hour watching you. Love it!

    Tressa Meacham

    What a HEALTHY little dude! Once while on a weekend trip to NY with Darian (5 months), we pulled a large drawer out of the hotel dresser, padded it with pillows and blankets and we had a crib! Now I know that most hotels have rent-a cribs...

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