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    October 07, 2008



    Good for you Gillian! How exciting! Do you have a website? Can I advertise for you on my blog? You need a widget. :) You bows are amazing! Good luck with the business. I'm sure it will be sucessful.


    I would love to be on your list! whay to go gillian! I love your bows, and I love that scarlet has been wearing them since she was born and still loves to wear them!

    Jenny Dziekan

    sign me up!!


    okay Gillian, thank HEAVENS.

    Do you know Dahlia's hair is JUUUUST long enough now to get into teeny tiny piggies?

    And I so NEED these?

    you have my email addy, I'm down the road from you, I can come pick them up.

    I swear I'll be your best customer.

    I like the Harlequin set if it's still available.


    I thought you might not have it still:

    and also, will you take special requests? do you do headband bows?

    can you tell I'm excited? lol


    This is so great! Good for you!

    Now if I could just convince Cory that we are ready for another baby - we'd have a 50% chance we'd need bows like this, eh? (But truthfully - I'm not ready for another baby quite yet....)

    Maybe I'll need to buy some to just hang in my bathroom and pretend... :)


    cool!!!! good luck!


    I have always envied your bows, let's see if my nine year old will let me dress her up! Put me on the list she's going to wear them one way or another. Congrats on your absoulutely adorable baby.:)

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