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    May 22, 2009



    These are PERFECT for the next Braves outing.
    Especially because they are red, white and blue!

    Girl, you are making us look bad. :) lol

    Mary Ellen

    Love those cookie suckers, great idea!

    I have the star pan and had such a bad time with them sticking! I sprayed them, don't know why it was so bad.

    Your blog is really one of my favs, so happy to see regular updates! Just wanted to tell ya!


    I will be honest, I use that package every time to make my sugar cookies. I think it's the best. I've tried a million recipes and I always go back to that. They are delicious and soft every time. Seriously, a baseball cookie pop... ummmm yum and so cute!

    please please please please keep posting away!

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