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    May 15, 2009



    My husband and I saw Angels & Demons last night...SOOOO good!! Edge of my seat the whole movie!!


    We saw it last night. Our friends that saw it and LOVED it, and said you don't need to be a "trekkie" to enjoy it....that set my expectations too high. I thought it was just ok (even kind of dumb), but Mike really liked it. The nerd herd in the row behind us commented it was "woww, so awesome!!" when it was over. This one guy also gasped and breath commented throughout and laughed hysterically at all the trekkie jokes we obviously didn't get. I'm excited for Transformers and Land of the Lost. How old am I? To each his own.


    I'm so not into sci-fi. at. all.
    My hubby saw it and that it was great, I don't even think I would have made it through it.

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