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    March 22, 2010



    Tu-Tu cute!!


    I love this!!

    Holly Child

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!


    omg omg omg omgosh... too cute. If I was going to have a baby, I'd totally invite you to my shower. ;) Seriously Gillian.... ah - maze - ing !!!!


    Cute and what a great gift!


    SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Holly L

    Seriously so cute...and creative I LOVE it! I am starting a new thing on my blog (it doesn't have a name yet) where I highlight fab finds, ideas, etc. on Fridays...would you like to be a feature????? I think the next date is 4/16...if I start to get a lot of responses, I will double up but for now one per Friday. Of course you get links, credit, etc. Let's chat.


    Gillian....girl, does your mind EVER stop? This is an adorable gift and appears so simple! I can't wait to go to a baby shower now as I will be making these for sure!



    I jumped over from Mique's 30Day blog and am so glad I did! Thanks for sharing all your crafty wonderfulness:)

    Jenn Davis

    Love it! Target has some very cute onesies!

    Megy Jenn

    I used a variation of your idea at a baby shower yesterday....
    I loved how easy it was to make

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