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    March 09, 2010



    These are so cute - you know Lyndi loves her leg warmers! ;0) Did the edges fray much? I might attempt this one - you've been busy!

    Mary Ann

    Those chubby little legs are so cute!

    Holly L

    Thanks for stopping by 504 Main. What a great idea! Those darn leg warmers are expensive when you buy them for the kids!

    Jennifer McIntyre @atthebluebarn

    okay. can you sew the top of the foot for ankle socks?


    I went to Target this morning and found the glorious selection of $2 knee socks! I bought a few but might have to go back- I cut them off with my pinking shears and they rolled over nicely by themselves - I might leave them that way (mostly b/c I don't know what a whip stitch is). I think these might actually wash better than the pricier baby legs - I love that! :) Thanks for the great idea G! xoxo


    LOVE IT! I bought legwarmers for $2 at a discount store,but colour/design was little guy wears them all the time(in boy colours of course!) My DH refuses to call them any thing but hockey socks! LOL!
    I find them not only cute but practical for diaper changes etc..
    Thanks for the idea!


    These are so adorable. Can't wait to try them!


    Hi! May I feature this on Please drop me a line at [email protected].


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