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    October 01, 2010


    Holly Child

    I *heart* you!!!! :o)


    I am envious and secretly wish that I lived at your house. You are an awesome mom, who make things fun for her kiddos, I don't know where you get your energy from,it's awesome!!! I decided to check out a bunch of halloween books from our little library so that we can read one a night until it's halloween.

    Amy K

    What a fantastic tradition! Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Only 6 weeks...praying for rest & relaxation, health & wellness, and many blessings for your family as you journey toward welcoming your newest little blessing into your family!


    super cute! you amaze me :)


    Oh what a fun mom you are!!! My 8 year old son saw your pics and I scrolled through for him and he said "what a cool mom". From an 8 year old boy, that is quite the compliment. I agree with him, you are a cool mom. My kids got ripped off in the mom department, creativity was not passed down to me. LOL What can do?! Oh and I am now addicted to Agatha Christie books thanks to your blog. I saw the books on the side and thought I would pick up a book or two at the library. I am now on a mission to find Agatha Christie books which are nigh unto impossible to find! Thanks though, I have a new love because of your blog.

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