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    February 15, 2012



    I am still here. Always pleased to see photos of your lovely family and to see your brilliant ideas.

    Barbara - Belated Valentines wishes!!

    Heather L.

    I am here! Love the robot theme. I was wondering - did you make all those robot toppers, or is that a die cut? They are adorable!!!! Great job!


    Yay, so glad you have posted!! I have missed all your holiday decorations and cuteness. The littles are getting sooo big!!

    Kerri S

    I've SO been missing this blog and your creative ideas! All the way from Dallas TX!

    Tami V

    I'm still here! Always love seeing your holiday posts! Love Scarlet's vday outfit! Keep the posts coming! :)


    Been missing the blog and all your ideas! Hope your back :)

    Mary Ann

    Always checking in. I love the photos on FB but miss talking with you!


    I love your blog. Your family is beautiful and you are so creative!


    Still here and LOVE it when I see an update to your blog on my google reader :) Great Valentines!! Hope all is well with you and yours!!!


    I still read!! ;)


    LOVE your blog!! So glad you posted!! From AZ


    love your blog, and I get all my domestic goddess inspiration and tips from you :)

    Heidi Sullivan

    I have been missing you! Welcome back. Thank you for all the divine cuteness!

    Katherine marie

    Your creatives ideas are worthy he wait!!!! :). The robot valentines are awesome!!!!

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